Discover Stillness® Home Course

Experience a state of inner peace
and an expanded perception of possibility

in just 20 minutes of listening, twice per day.

Stillness is a state of non-disturbance.
Have you experienced it?
Can you imagine it?

  • A feeling in your body of complete ease and open flow.
  • A calm and alert state of mind.
  • A knowing that there are endless possibilities for your life and for the planet.
  • A perception of your SELF that is more encompassing and more connected than the small, ego-limited self that may be your daily experience.

Perhaps you have stumbled upon that state of being from time to time …. delicious.

Meditators have practiced for long years to find such deep, pleasurable, and powerful states of being. And meditation is simple but not easy.

Now you can experience a state of stillness regularly – with ease. You can cultivate the experience of non-disturbance until you learn to live there, not just visit sometimes. You can dip yourself regularly until the experience sticks. And then you can move to a deeper level.

Discover Stillness is an audio program. When you listen to it each day, it does the work to move you into stillness, clearing the stored disturbances (stresses, patterns, stuck emotions) that keep creating experiences of disturbance.


To someone coming late to the daily practice of meditation — and resisting the discipline required — the At Ease Technologies’ CD program is a joyful and timely gift. As Robert (Petteway) says, the CDs “meditate you.” How perfect for a “lazy meditator” like me!         Cornelia P., Atlanta, GA

If you intend to learn something new you have to practice. In our busy lives it is so easy just to do things the old way: the paths of our patterned ways are well-worn. Unless we give the new ways plenty of attention, we’ll likely just drift back to what we already know well – even when we have glimpsed that there is a better way. Statistically, New Year’s resolutions don’t work for that very reason.

Stillness – non-disturbance — is subtle and, therefore, even more fragile to maintain. Right now, after taking the Becoming Still weekend retreat, your nervous system is clearer and in more flow. You likely have more vitality in your body and a greater sense of well-being. Perhaps you notice that you are calmer and less reactive. You may find it easier and sweeter to connect with the people you love – in fact, with everyone around you. Many experience greater clarity of purpose and in their thinking and an influx of creativity.

Whatever your experience of stillness, it is easy to lose without continuing attention. The vibration of the world is much stronger than your new wave and tone – unless you ground into your new vibration regularly. One way to reinforce your new way of being is to come back to a Becoming Still retreat. Another is to spend time around others who have a similar or deeper vibration than you. Consciously sharing stillness with others will also stabilize you in the place of stillness.

A Daily Routine is the Key
The Discover Stillness® Home Course is the best and most convenient help you can get to re-ground yourself in stillness every day. It is the most convenient way to continue your practice of stillness and to deepen it – you can use it when you want and where you want.

If we had our way, you’d listen to the Discover Stillness® audio program with the same regularity that you brush your teeth – ideally, two times per day for at least 10-20 minutes. Going to bed at night and upon waking in the morning are two good times for listening because they do not interrupt your day. But anytime in your day is a great time to let go and return to the peacefulness available to you.

I have been using the (Discover Stillness) meditation/relaxation CD’s for almost a year now. They have become a daily part of my spiritual practice…. I find that my meditations are deeper, calmer and less infiltrated by the thinking mind’s constant input, allowing me to rest within the moment to moment experience. Along with this comes a sense of relaxation, ease and expansion in the physical body. …Like the ad for a well know credit card, I wouldn’t go anywhere without them!          Gaye A., Middlebury, VT


Enjoy A Complete and Flexible Program

Discover Stillness® is a full course in a box. It includes as much advanced technology as Robert could put in, including the single dropping tone and his own voice whispering in your ear and directing your attention to letting go and opening. You’ll hear it and you’ll feel it in your body. The DVD and Guide to Stillness manual give you exercises to complete your at-home practice. You’ll have everything you need.

Discover Stillness® is also flexible enough to use in many ways – to unwind, to work in the “zone”, to enhance receptivity and learning, to clear your head, to sleep deeply.

Here is what some of our customers say about how they enjoy them.

Daily use of the Discover Stillness CDs gives me a clear, present mind, allows me to operate fear- and anxiety-free and to manifest from just a thought level.     Dennis S., Houston, TX

I love listening to my Discover Stillness CD while making glass beads. It is an effortless way to … remain in that beautiful creative ‘zone’ where the bead seems to make itself.     Susan L., Houston, TX

During my busy day, listening to 10-20 minutes of the daytime CD is better than a power nap. At night, falling asleep listening to Discover Stillness gives me a most restful and rejuvenating sleep.     Rebecca A., Lemont, PA

After an intense afternoon of computer spreadsheet work, I put on my Discover Stillness CD for twenty minutes and was able to clear my mind and re-focus on the creative session next on my schedule.     Phil T., Atlanta, GA

A Special Offer To Get You the Help You Need

If you have an effective tool that is easy to use we know that you will be much more likely to practice stillness regularly.

Learning requires continuing attention over time to integrate your experience of stillness into your way of being. To deepen – and even maintain — the stillness you achieved at the retreat, you will have to learn more and more about the subtleties of expansion and contraction. You will need a daily process of letting go into flow. And you will need the support of the best tools available in the marketplace.

Use Technology to Make Learning Easy
Discover Stillness® is the home course that we designed for daily use in maintaining and deepening stillness. It is a complete program that incorporates auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning. Discover Stillness® includes: 5 levels of audio program (10 CDs), 2 DVDs, and a manual with information and exercises to support your learning.

The state-of-the-art technology in the Discover Stillness® audio program uses vibration to harmonize the hemispheres of your brain and to teach your body and mind how to let go. Listening regularly will actually change the resonance of your body. You can actually feel the vibrations in the cells of your body.

Discover Stillness® Works on Many Levels
In addition to the technology in the free course CD you received at the weekend retreat, the Discover Stillness® audio program includes two new technologies that we practiced in the course – a single dropping tone & a directed relaxation with Robert’s voice. Listening to these two meditations will take you back to the experience of the Living At Ease course.

Each level in the Home Course clears the stresses from a certain vibratory level – or octave, roughly corresponding with age. Even though you were able to let go to a very deep level in the setting of the Becoming Still course, you will want to go back and work systematically through each level of the home course. Doing so will ensure that each octave is clear and in flow with no residual tension to pull you back into contraction. Each level builds on itself, offering deeper levels of stillness & increasing your clarity and sense of connectedness.

Even after working your way through the program, we find that all the levels in the Program are useful in your meditation at some time. For instance, the lighter levels are really best for clearing surface stress such as what accumulates during a particularly hard day or during illness. The deeper levels are great for stabilizing you at a new baseline and for cleaning stress from deep within in your nervous system or trauma from young ages.

Discover Stillness includes a Whole Bundle of Benefits
The Discover Stillness® Home Course is a complete package for continuing the Technology of Stillness that includes:

  • 5 levels of audio program (10 CDs — one set of daytime and night-time programming for each level)
  • a DVD
  • a 100-page guidebook with information and exercises to support your learning
  • two bonus CDs of advanced guided meditations and
  • a 5-level balancing CD.

Discover Stillness Is Powerful Technology

The audio program consists of five levels of learning. Each level takes you to a deeper level of opening and letting go. We recommend that you use each level for a minimum of three months. Over the months, as you progress through the levels, you will let go into increasing stillness, peace, harmony, and ease.

The levels are:
Level One – Witnessing (alpha frequencies)

Level Two – Connecting (theta frequencies)

Level Three – Reorganizing (high delta frequencies)

Level Four – Allowing (mid delta frequencies)

Level Five – Expanding (deep delta frequencies)

Each level comes with the soothing sounds of a gentle rain in the foreground. Built into and behind the soundtrack are tones and waves, used in nine ways in each CD. These tones and waves open and relax you. Your body/mind feels the vibrations of these deep tones and entrains with them as they progressively deepen within each level and over the entire Home Course. Your body/mind can follow the tones into deeper and deeper levels of stillness.

No matter which level you are using, the CDs work the same.

Here’s how the opening and relaxation technologies work:

  • A RELAX takes you deeper over six minutes. During this period the tones and waves gradually deepen so that your body/mind can gradually let go.
  • Next, the tones and waves HOLD you at the deepest point.
  • Finally, the tones and waves gradually RETURN you to a level in which you can function easily in your day but you are still lower than where you began.

There are two CDs in each level of the audio program –

  • One CD for Day Time use and
  • One CD for Night Time use.

Use the Day Time CD when you intend to stay awake to meditate. It is OK if you do go to sleep, but this CD was designed to assist you in consciously opening and relaxing. There are four separate meditation programs on the Day Time CD:

1) Meditation One is a 10-minute program on Track One and includes a RELAX and a RETURN (see below). It is a quick refresher for the middle of your busy day.

2) Meditation Two is a 20-minute program on Track Two and includes a RELAX, 10-minute HOLD, and a RETURN (see below). This is a great meditation to use in your afternoon “slump”, when you need a nap but don’t have the time.

3) Meditation Three is a 30-minute program when Tracks Three, Four and Five are played together. This meditation includes a RELAX on Track Three, a 20-minute HOLD on Track Four, and a RETURN on Track Five. This organization gives you the flexibility to repeat the HOLD track as long as you want by programming the HOLD track to repeat (see the Recommended Equipment section for more information on how to use your player’s ‘repeat’ function). Use this meditation when you have time to do a full, deep relaxation.

4) Meditation Four (Track Six) is 5 minutes. This quick relax uses a single tone only, dropping several octaves. Use your breath to enhance the relaxation. Simply inhale in the quiet, and then exhale as the tone drops. Listening to this dropping tone for a minute or two throughout the day is an excellent way to stay relaxed while you work.

Use the Night Time CD when you can open and relax deeply and do not have to function at peak immediately after your mediation, or when it is OK if you go to sleep. The tones in the Night Time CD are one octave deeper and the waves produced are even lower frequencies than in the Day Time CD. For example, if you are using a Level One CD, the waves produced in the Day Time CD are alpha and those in the Night Time CD are theta.

There are two different programs on the Night Time CD. You may play them together, straight through the entire CD. Or, you can play one and not the other. The programs are:

1) Program One, the Directed Relaxation, is approximately 30-minutes on Tracks One and Two. Track One is a 15-second fade in. On Track Two a voice directs your attention to the opening, relaxing, and expanding of each body part and, in the upper levels of the audio program, to the expansion of your energy fields. This “talk down” is unique for each level of the Program and builds on the talk down of the previous level to increase relaxation and expansion. This building process is one reason we recommend that you not skip ahead to deeper levels in the audio program; skipping ahead will cause you to miss steps.

2) Program Two, the Deep Relaxation, is 30 minutes on Tracks Three and Four. Track Three is a 30-minute hold. Track Four is a 30-second fade out. This meditation has the flexibility to play all night seamlessly. To listen continuously, simply place your CD player on Track Three and then push the Repeat One function so that your player repeats only that one track. Then, you can fall asleep, letting the tones and waves relax you into a deep, refreshing sleep.

Advanced Meditation CDs of Stage 3

In addition to your regular Level 5 frequency-shifting CDs, there are two additional CDs that are included in Stage 3 — Expanding and Healing. Each CD adds specific guided meditations that move your attention into new areas of subtlety. Each of the meditations has a different purpose.

Exanding CD



Purpose & Use



Moves you through consciously centering, grounding and opening. Excellent to ease upsets and bring you “home” again. Use before and after going into important meetings or stressful circumstances.



Introduces the colors and qualities of the “planes,” your subtle senses. Use for stabilizing stillness and opening into your subtle senses. Great for busting stress.



For balancing and stabilizing the connection between your waking and dreaming consciousness.


Spin All Colors

Subtle energies come from the planes and feed the nerve plexuses (chakras). Spin all colors to center and shift the place from which you assemble consciousness from behind your eyes to above your head.


Clear Fog

Stress (yours and others’) creates a gray fog around you. Breaking up this fog leaves you feeling clearer and more energetic.


Break Lines

Strong emotions create attachment lines from you to others and from others to you. These lines attach automatically and unconsciously, sapping your energy and making you feel stressed and emotional. Breaking the lines periodically is like freeing up space on your hard drive.


Clear Identities

We become attached to our belief systems and stories, below the level of our awareness. Breaking these unconscious attachments frees us.



Explore expanding your energetic field and your consciousness into larger and larger areas. A great world peace exercise.


Connect Cells

Contraction locks consciousness in place. Use the power of looping to clear and connect each cell in your body to your subtle senses. Then, move each cell’s consciousness upward, into ONE, a place of unity and integration.




Purpose & Use


Balancing Meridians

According to Chinese Medicine, your body has 12 meridians (energy highways), that energize your organ systems. Moving a specific color through each of your meridians balances your energy and creates more harmony in the function of your body’s systems.


4-color Healing

Four colors – purple, pink, green & blue – used with intent will soothe, clear, nourish & strengthen your whole body. Great for speeding healing of minor injuries.


Individual Systems

Move the 4 colors through each of the 12 systems of your body individually for deep, energetic-level healing and balancing. Go through each of the systems or focus on the one or two that need attention.

NOTE: Both the Advanced Meditation CDs – Expanding and Healing – have no tones and waves built into their soundtracks. However, for a small price, you can get a second CD player and Y-splitter (with two male ends and one female end) that will take sound from each player and connect to your headphones. Then, you can hear both the guided meditations and one of the HOLD tracks at the same time. Or, you can listen to your regular audio program and some relaxing music at the same time.


Bonus CD: 5-Level Balancing

This CD is designed for those who are working in Stage 3 of Discover Stillness. There are two soundtracks on this CD — rain and river. Tracks 1-5 (rain soundtrack) is one program (30 min.) and Tracks 6-10 (river soundtrack) is a second program (30 min.). Each program takes you through all five levels of the audio program. Listening to one of these programs all the way through balances your brainwaves and body frequencies. This program is particularly useful in clearing stresses that have built up in each of the frequency levels – alpha, theta, and delta. Use it from time to time to do a quick clearing of your body and mind.

The Technology in the CDs

As you listen to the program, you will hear the soundtrack (river or rain) in the foreground. Behind the soundtrack, you will hear tones and waves. There are no subliminal instructions or words imbedded in this program.

There are nine different tone and wave technologies within each CD designed to assist you in letting go and opening. The primary technology puts a slightly different tone directly into each ear. For instance, the right and left hemispheres of your brain each produce a different tone, called a carrier tone. An average carrier tone in the general population is around 500 hertz. Hertz is a measure of cycles per second of vibration, or frequency.

The difference between the carrier tone produced by your right brain (say, 500 hertz) and that produced by your left brain (say, 515 hertz) creates a modulating tone, or ‘wave’, between the two brain hemispheres (a 15 hertz wave = beta frequency). Within each level of the audio program, as well as from level to level, we reduce both the frequency of the tones used and the difference between the tones going into the right and left ears.

In the audio program you will hear (and maybe even feel) the vibration of tones being entered into each ear. Your brain uses these tones to produce a waving tone, which you may also hear and feel. As the tones and waves are lowered, the brain (and the body) entrains itself with the tones, producing a greater incidence of these lower frequencies. This process is called “frequency following response.”

With a little practice your mind/body learns to move easily into deeper and deeper levels of openness and relaxation. The hemispheres of your brain experience increasing congruence. This technological process mirrors the natural process of relaxation as you enter into various states of sleep.

We have used the tones in the program to mirror the physical tension in the body. For instance, if you close your fist very tightly, the muscles are firing about 2000 times per second (2000 hz) at this level of tension. Now, relax your fist by half (approximately 1000 hz) and then by half again (about 500 hz). This is the level – about 500 hz — that we begin our CDs. From our research, it is the average level of tension modeled by our culture.

The waves produced by the CDs are designed to mirror levels of openness and relaxation in thinking. They are modeled after biofeedback, in which deeper states of openness and relaxation are created as you decrease the brainwaves for natural relaxation, i.e., resting (alpha), dreaming (theta), and deep sleep (delta). By increasing these natural relaxation states regularly – and often without falling asleep – you will learn to maintain the levels of openness and relaxation (deep rest) while going about your daily activities. You will produce results with less effort and enjoy life more.

                                                 IMPORTANT NOTES

1) Copying or duplicating the program CDs will not properly extract the audio information, causing a loss of digital integrity and effectiveness, in addition to violating copyright laws.

2)  If you move the contents of these CDs onto some kind of digital player, you must choose a “lossless” transfer.  The files on the CD are necessarily large – there is a lot of data and very deep tones.  MP3 and other formats automatically cut the amount of data in the files.  Loss of the high and low tones on these CDs will make this technology ineffective.  

Please do not use the default file transfer to a digital format.
Look for and choose the “lossless” setting.

3)   The files that produce these CDs were made before digital players were popular.  Therefore, the digital read-outs of artist, album, song are incorrect.  We will correct them as we move to digital delivery.  For now, please rely on the printed labels to tell you what you are listening to.  The digital read-outs are wrong.


Recommended Equipment for the Audio Program


To get 100% benefit from this program, use headphones so that different tones can be received directly by the right and left ears. You can use inexpensive headphones or simple ear buds (that fit inside your ears) for Levels One and Two. For best results (and especially when using Levels Three or higher), use high-quality headphones to hear and feel the full range of tones in the technology. Headphones with full ear cupping and lots of padding tend to be the most comfortable.

The best headphones will have 40-50 mm drivers (magnets) and respond to a range of sound from 10 hz for the low notes, to 27 khz for the high notes. The magnet-drivers in these high-quality headphones act like mini sub-woofers, driving the tones and waves deep into your physical tissues, bones and organs. The experience becomes so kinesthetic (felt as vibration in the body) that even deaf people get benefits.

Important: Open-air style headphones (even expensive, high-quality ones) are NOT recommended because they can only produce the lowest octaves with bass volume rather than with the large magnet-drivers. Simply turning up the volume on your bass so that you can hear the lower tones will not produce the kinesthetic effects that are important in making this audio program so powerful. The large magnet-drivers of the recommended headphones allow the tones and waves to be both heard and felt.
Playing the audio programs into a room through speakers (ambiently) produces about 50% effectiveness from the relaxation technology, similar to dropping one level, i.e., if you are playing a Level 2 CD, you’ll get a Level 1 effect. Positioning stereo speakers equal distance from each ear results in 75% effectiveness.


Recommended qualities: CD-R compatible, ESP or anti-shock, standard bass boost (high and low settings), and programmable. Use the standard bass boost to increase or decrease the volume of the background tones. Use the ESP (or similar function) to eliminate separation between tracks.

Some new players have extra ‘live’ or ‘concert’ settings that over-modulate the bass, causing our technologies to produce unpleasant “whooshing” sounds. If your player has these functions, turn them OFF to eliminate these extraneous sounds.

With the Discover Stillness® audio program you will have to do very little programming. However, if you like to program your CD player, you can create custom meditations by choosing the order and number of Relaxes, Holds, and Returns that you want in any session.

Use the Repeat Function. One simple function that you will want to learn how to use on your player is the Repeat function. For long sessions of listening (like when you want to go to sleep while listening), you can repeat the HOLD track on the day time or night time CD of every level. Just move the arrow until the track number of the HOLD shows on your display. Then, press the repeat (or function) key until the half circle with the number one appears on the display. This means that the player will repeat that one track only until you turn off the player. If the half circle appears without the number one showing, your player will repeat the entire CD over and over. This is not a good result, especially in the daytime CD.

If your CD will not play: A few CD players will not play computer-written CDs like ours, and will only play those that are “pressed” (which is how most commercial music CDs are produced). If you get no sound when you start your player, follow these steps:

1) Check the batteries or power connection.

2) Check that the CD has ‘seated’ in the player, i..e., ‘clicked’ into place.

3) Make sure that the HOLD button (usually located on the side of your player) is in the OFF position.

4) Try a different player.


There are some faint pops and clicks that are unavoidable, given the various technologies that we have combined to produce this state-of-the-art audio program. However, many distortions can be reduced or eliminated by proper cleaning of your CD player. We recommend cleaning your CD player after every four uses. It takes just a few seconds. You can purchase CD player cleaning disks from most music or electronics stores for $5-20.